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When learning how to save a marriage you need to listen to each other. The couple also, need to be open to understanding how they are feeling; this may change the outcome of the relationship with all the problems laid out on the table. In addition to listening to your spouse’s feelings, you also need to be able to express your own feelings, so that your spouse can understand your point of view. It is never an easy thing to express frustrations and difficulties with the person you love most dearly, so having a marriage counselor who can mediate and help in this discussion, can give you the motivation to speak your mind while keeping the discourse civil. You should never disrespect or put down your spouse because that will just create further animosity and resentment. Marriage counseling is designed for couples to work through the problems they are having. With regards to several factors, this is one of the ways to save a marriage. Listening and then sharing your feelings can help address some of the problems, and marriage counseling is a wonderful place to do this. The marriage counselor guides the discussion between the couples and ensures they are both heard by themselves. Depending on the current state of the relationship, spend some time apart might be appropriate, so the couple can organize their thoughts and feelings. Most spouses don’t realize that taking a break in a relationship can be exactly what is needed when thinking of how to save a marriage. If the marriage has been stressful for quite some time, spending some time away from each other can only help the relationship. What would you be willing to change to save your marriage? Give your spouse time and space to think about it. After taking some time apart, you or your spouse may realize what it feels like to be without each other; this could be the perfect motivation for the both of you to give the marriage another shot. You must learn to forgive and forget. One thing that can bring a relationship down is holding on to the past. It is wrong to treat your spouse in that manner because they made mistakes that hurt you. Everyone makes mistakes; however, learning to forgive those wrongs will be great for the relationship; this is another lesson for saving a marriage. It isn’t useful or helpful to dig up the past whenever your spouse does something that upsets you. Giving your spouse a clean slate, each day, will help your marriage to grow. Nobody likes being reminded of their past, whether it is real or fake, and your spouse is no different. Learning to forgive and forget can help to restore balance to your marriage. Saving a marriage also depends on the apology of your spouse. In an ideal world, both people in a relationship are meant to ask for forgiveness from each other. But even if this doesn’t occur, it is still important to let go of past mistakes for the sake of the future of your relationship. For instance, never bring up in conversation past wrongs, you may think about it, but do not bring those issues up again. Although you will never forget, don’t bring that issue up in a conversation with your spouse again. If the spouse does the same thing again, you have the right to bring it up again, but only for reference. This is the only time you are permitted to do this because your spouse repeated the same thing; otherwise it is history and should remain in the past. My book called Love and Pain will be a help to your relationship.

Tips to remember

1. Listen to your Spouse and don’t ignore them.

2. Express your Feelings and Concerns.

3. Take responsibility for your Actions and be Willing to Compromise

4. Stop Blaming the Other Person for your Mistakes

5. Spend Some Time Apart if Necessary

6. Learn to Forgive and Forget

7. Find Some Common Goals


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