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We should not be afraid to talk about difficult subjects such as racism, rape, marital problems, and grief. All generations who have dealt with racism should be recommended for counseling so that they overcome the negative effects that racism has had in their lives. All generations need to discuss the suffering and pain they’ve endured, and counseling will help with this. If you have suffered from racism, counseling can bring healing to your emotions. Another common problem among many Caucasians today is that they seem intimidated when African Americans become very successful. African Americans have to work ten times harder to prove that they are qualified for a position. African Americans still do not receive the respect they have earned, and that can hurt. Caucasians know that many African Americans are qualified individuals. Equally important, let us understand one thing: This is not about African Americans and Caucasians only. It involves Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and all other ethnic groups that deal with racism on a daily basis. All that anyone wants is to be respected and given the same rights that any other person has. If you are a born-again believer in Jesus, you should have the attitude of compassion. This compassion should lead to action. Jesus shows us that He is our keeper by His actions and with His life. Likewise, we as God’s people should show that we are one another’s keepers. Similarly, the love of God is shown when we listen to one another with the love of God in our hearts and not with our flesh. We must have love for one another by spreading love, and we must stop destroying one another with our words. We must stop stealing from one another’s lives, and we must stop shedding blood with the words from our mouths. God has heard the cry of the people, and seen the shedding of blood. He has provided a way for men and women to come out of bondage. Many have received God’s freedom, but many are still in racial bondage. Therefore, they try holding others in racial bondage. It is important for reconciliation to take place among Caucasians, African

Americans, and other races. Many Caucasian individuals feel that African Americans should just get over the bitterness that they have experienced in the past. However, it is not just African Americans holding on to the past; Caucasians and other races are also holding on to the past. Let's Talk About Bringing Unity To God's People


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