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Child Support: For Responsible men only


Child Support was formed by the government in 1950, when only a small minority of children was in female-headed families. The Federal Government took first step into the child support arena. The Congress amended the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) law by requiring State welfare agencies to notify law enforcement officials when benefits were being paid to a child who had been abandoned by one parent. By the early 1970’s the AFDC caseload had changed drastically. In the earlier years the assistance was need for children whose father had died. By the 1970s, the majority needed aid because their parents separated, divorced, or never married. By 1975, Congress responded with a program called: The Child Support Enforcement (CSE), to reduce public expenditures on welfare by obtaining support from noncustodial parents on an ongoing basis, to help non-AFDC families get support so they can stay off public assistance. During the late 1970s and early 80s many of the single parent house hold were black female-headed families. During that time there were a lot of men not taking care of their responsibilities for their children. I understand why the law was put in place, so that the children needs would be met and that should be done. But it’s a new day and time has come with change, more men are taking responsibility for their children. Men not only paying child support; they want to spend more time with their children and be more a part of their lives. In any child custody hearing, the mother of the child has certain rights and obligations regarding custody of the child. Every court is required to use the child’s best interest in ruling. The problem is, some women are abusing their control by deny the men the right to visit with their children, because of personal selfish reason and in some cases the women don’t follow guideline, because the law is not enforced. Many women treat good responsible fathers like a “dead beat dad” and use the money more on themselves than the children. It is time to make some changes in the law concerning child support and custody. Because the family court also treat good responsible fathers like dead beat dad, taking the man dream of raising their child and reducing it to a payment, there is a need for change. If the Supreme Court can made changes for homosexual rights, they should make changes for men rights in custody for their children. Men do have rights and we need to fight for those right. For more information go to or double click on: and read your rights.

All responsible men I need to hear from you I need your story. Don’t put your name on your story I want to present them to Congress to get the law changed. It is time to fight back enough is enough!


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